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HSF chairman calls fund review
Saturday, July 11, 2020
New video emerges in Morvant police killing
Friday, July 10, 2020
CCJ gives PPP/C Guyana election upper hand
Thursday, July 9, 2020
Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Suspend cops who killed Morvant three
Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Cops placed on desk duty
Monday, July 6, 2020
Corruption cloud over police
Sunday, July 5, 2020


Memo 02 to Team Recovery: Freeze motor imports
Monday, May 4, 2020
A COVID Recovery Road Map with Too Many Junctions
Sunday, April 26, 2020
Is COVID-19 the Flaunting of God's Sovereignty?
Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Hooked on foreign foods
Tuesday, April 14, 2020
After crisis food rationing?
Monday, April 6, 2020
My Spiritual Inheritance
Monday, April 6, 2020
Inhumane Treatment of Our Elderly In Barbados
Monday, March 30, 2020


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HSF chairman calls fund review
Posted: Saturday, July 11, 2020

HSF chairman calls fund review 'an urgent imperative'
In his statement for the fund's 2019 annual report, Williams, a former Central Bank governor, said since 2016, after public consultation, there was the view by many that considerations should be given to reviewing the objectives of the HSF and the way it contributes to fiscal and public debt sustainability and a resumption of economic growth – especially in light of structural changes in the global oil and gas markets.

Outlook on T&T's ratings revised from stable to negative
The release said the factors supporting the reaffirmation of the ratings include that T&T continues to be one of the largest and most diversified economies in the Caribbean which provides a level of resilience in economic performance during difficult times.

Gonsalves: Respect CCJ ruling on Guyana
Gonsalves quoted the CCJ, saying, "It has been four months since the elections were held and the country has been without a Parliament for well over a year. No one in Guyana would regard this to be a satisfactory state of affairs." He cited the CCJ expressing its fervent hope for a quick peaceable restoration of normalcy.

Finance Ministry grants compensation to 12 more for Tobago Terminal
The state has, so far, settled for these properties at a total cost of $58,000,000. All payments will be issued through the National Infrastructural Development Company (NIDCO) and its Land Acquisition Consultant.

We ignore the streets at our own peril
In Germany, the average spend on crime is 1.34 per cent of GDP, in the United Kingdom that spend is 2.55 per cent of GDP while the USA it is 2.75 per cent of GDP but for T&T is 3.52 per cent or well over US$1,000 per capita, the study showed. The challenge of urban neglect, refusing to put specific programmes in place to lift up and protect black urban youths, is hurting the country more than we instinctively know it.

MP: Morvant protests organised by residents, not gangs
FORMER Laventille East/Morvant MP Adrian Leonce said protests last week were organised by angry residents and not by gangs.

CAL requires all passengers wear face masks

'Stuart is fooling, brainwashing citizens' says stranded Trinis
According to the letter, requests by the group have been made since March, following the closure of the country's borders. These requests, it said were ignored. In June, additional requests were accompanied by the flight proposals and the indication that nationals were willing to pay for state quarantine at the Cascadia Hotel. However, none were acknowledged.

PM: CPL could spark economic resurgence
Asked how much revenue the CPL will generate for the country, Rowley said, "There are numbers that economists pulled up. But it is a positive number in terms of profit. The CPL principles speak in terms of making losses...but keeping the tournament alive, and thirdly it will bring opportunities for those who are directly involved. But more so it is a restart of an engine."

Padarath slams Govt's handling of stranded Trinis
Accompanying him is his infant daughter Sejal, a US citizen. He's accepted the Government's offer for them both to be quarantined under state-supervision at a hotel at his cost.

Govt, private sector still partnering on housing
THE Prime Minister said Government is continuing its efforts to work with the private sector to build affordable housing in TT. At a certificate of comfort distribution ceremony in Enterprise, Chaguanas on Friday, Dr Rowley said Government went so far as to tell the private sector it would "guarantee the profit" if it partnered with the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) in housing construction.

Al-Rawi: Certificates of comfort worthless
"So how do you fix that? You survey the land. We went back to the land in this area, approximately 100 years, we went to the land pics of TT, we looked at every piece of land right here. Was it under cultivation, under occupation?" He said a social survey was then completed for each member of the community.

PM: Certificate not a licence to squat

Caribbean Repatriations Commission
People who have accumulated enough wealth to live the high life would too readily accuse the less fortunate of not being willing to make the effort to succeed, but would not acknowledge that their own material success arises from the adoption of the behaviours of the oppressors. Many such persons would not dare to have their antecedents examined for fear of what might be revealed.

Greater accountability needed from political parties
They accuse the smaller parties of "splitting votes" as if citizens' votes somehow "belong" to the "major parties" in their "safe seat strongholds". They also demand accountability from these smaller parties which the "major parties" themselves are not willing to subject themselves to before the electors regarding their financing and otherwise. They ask spurious questions about this or that party which has one candidate. But, no similar questions about other with the same number or even zero candidates.

Rowley launches election campaign
It's the first rollout of People National Movement campaign activity ahead of an official party campaign launch. That's expected next week right after Friday's Nomination Day exercise.

PM: I will not cry if I am not re-elected
"Today I am particularly happy. I have completed my journey. I am going to the polls on August 10 and if I am not elected I won't cry. Because I have completed the abandoned projects not only in Diego Martin but around the country."

Taylor trains guns on PM
After a long absence from the political arena, former Peoples National Movement minister Peter Taylor turned up the United National Congress (UNC) walkabout in Moruga with his political guns trained at the Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

PM slams Kamla over ‘backdoor voters' claim
Noting constant attempts to put a negative light on the country, Rowley said Persad-Bissessar needs to do "much better than that. These things do not portray our country in a good light. And when these allegations are based on naked lies, it must be hurtful to people who run the show," he said in reference to the work of the EBC, which he said is an institution we can all be proud of as far as running elections were concerned.

UNC meets with EBC again
In the meeting on Friday, the team discussed possible avenues to allow quarantined citizens to be treated as special voters. The meeting was attended by Saddam Hosein, candidate for Barataria; Khadijah Ameen, St Augustine candidate; former UNC senator Wade Mark, other party members and EBC officials.

Five-way race for Sando West
He launched his political party in 2017 under the slogan Change, not Exchange and began underground campaigning. Even though several candidates will be fighting for this seat which is currently held by the PNM, he believes his only competition is the PNM and the UNC.

Why was 'young' Ramona removed? Calls for Kamla to explain
The constituents say 40-year-old Ramdial met the requirements to be a part of Kamla Persad-Bissessar's young slate of candidates as she was experienced and had proven herself.

Too broke to party
Hosein stated that supporters of the GPTT can write "GREEN" across the ballot. This will put the parties on notice, he said.

Injured homeless man found
Scott's friend Johnny James said that he and Scott's sister Mary Ann Scott were searching for him after they found out he was burnt by a passer by in St Joseph. They said Scott received burns across the upper part of his body when someone threw hot oil on him and were concerned for his safety. Scott is mentally challenged and has lived on the streets for over 12 years.

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